Sunday, May 24, 2009

"I should hold clinics!

We live on a farm. Since we live on a farm, we have flies. Flies tend to go wherever they want which includes into the cars when a window is left down or the door is opened.

In addition to my mother's wacky ability to talk to animals, she also has perfected a way to get these pesky creatures out of our vehicles. According to Mom, you have to open the window and gently waft at the innocent insect with the back of your hand. The back of the hand is important, according to Mom, because approaching the fly with your palm signals to the bug that its death is imminent. In typical Pavlovian response, the fly will bolt from your open palm in order to preserve its life. By using the back of the hand, the fly will guide willingly and without fear.

But wait, there's more. It's important to not move rapidly. Moving slowly and deliberately and wafting with the back of your hand means the fly will allow itself to be guided out the window.

I didn't really believe in Mom's theory. And then when we went to swim the horses the other day, we left the windows down at Brett's and a fly got in the truck. I was trying to get it out by swatting (or as Mom said "using aggression") when Mom told me to use the back of my hand. I rolled my eyes, and did as she said. And the fly flew right out the open window.

Mom smiled at me beatifically, "I should hold clinics! I could make millions!"


  1. Haha! I gotta try this!

    ps...I added you to my blogroll =)

  2. Everytime I see a fly stuck in the car while I'm driving, I think of this post and wish your mom was here to help me.